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It's a personal thing...

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

It’s a personal thing…

Your soul that is, and what feeds and nurtures it. It’s personal and on an individual level you have to determine what speaks to you. What do you need to carry you through the ups and downs of this uncharted journey called life?

One of my affirmations I carry when I’m feeling beat down, is “You have a 100% success rate so far. You got this!’ I’ve overcome, powered through, and most of all grown from every life experience, interaction, choice, misstep, hiccup, implosion, save, win, loss, all of it.

How awesome is that? Of course in the moment of not so comfort, it’s hard to see past the current state of angst. The fear, the doubt can be overwhelmingly crippling.

My therapist recently introduced me to the wolf pack. This pack of five encompasses the various parts of our subconscious that affect how we show up in the universe.

The Predator- always ready for war and in a state of fight. Negative.

The Bratty Teen- always has an excuse. Complains.

The Healer- always considering others above self.

The Wild Child- always free flowing, and fearless. Childlike and playful.

While each wolf plays a specific role in the pack, the wolf you feed is the one that grows the strongest. All of the self-care practices; meditation, yoga, etc focus to ground you, bring you back into the present moment. Then you are able to focus and label these thoughts.

Which wolf is growling the loudest? The predator is skilled at talking you out of even taking the first step, they incite fear. The bratty teen comes up with all the reasons not to do anything and never really ends up getting anything done. The choir amplifies the actions of the teen and reinforces the predator by justifying your less than positive attributes. The choir reminds you that you’re being judged and what other people think matters. The healer has troubles with boundaries and needs to remember their only job is to take care of themself; in doing so they are able to help others. The free spirit wild child, leaps first and looks second and lives life unapologetically.

Take a moment with yourSELF- BODY. MIND. SPIRIT. All three must be in conjunction to show up as the best version of you. It’s a personal thing, subjective like art, and not for others' opinion. That’s the awesomeness in this journey, it’s individually yours, yet still part of the universal collective.

Start with movement for your body. Even trees rooted in the ground sway in the wind and lean towards the sun. Ease your mind through guided meditations, journaling, mind dumps. Nurture your spirit with acceptance and grace, leaving room for your soul to grow. Repeat as often as necessary. Get personal about your growth. Be your own healer. Practice the art of soul care, however that looks for you.

Love & Light - Alysse

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